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Oklahoma mediator, Dr. Robert Keiter, knows how difficult and painful life can be when stuck in the middle of conflict. He can help you move through conflict situations to find creative solutions that work! Keiter Mediation provides professional mediation services, conflict coaching, and certified mediation training. Our Oklahoma mediation services specialize in conflict related to couples, family, divorce, custody, paternity, post-divorce, special education and workplace matters.  Oklahoma mediator, Dr. Robert Keiter….

  • Gives each person a voice and a structured setting for their feelings and viewpoints to be heard.
  • Allows parties to retain control by making the important decisions, instead of leaving them up to judges, juries and attorneys.
  • Helps parties save considerable time, money, and heartache.
  • Uses a flexible format for all kinds of conflicts, including: couples, family, divorce, post-divorce, paternity, special education, and workplace.
  • Creates a practical framework for cooperation in  future decision making when co-parenting after divorce.
  • builds a bridge of understanding that can lead to improved communication between couples, co-parents, parents and children, co-workers, and employers/employees.
  • Utilizes a confidential process where things said by the parties during mediation cannot be used in court proceedings.





Family Mediation

We help you deal with conflict in family areas such as couples, parents and children, siblings, blended family issues and more.


Divorce Mediation

Assists parties in making important divorce related decisions including division of assets and liabilities, developing parenting plans for minor children, determining child custody, and spousal support.

Post Divorce-400

Post-Divorce Mediation

Helps parties resolve post-divorce disputes involving custody, parenting plans, child support, communication issues and more. And these same issues can be dealt with in paternity mediation.

Mediation Training-400

Mediation Training

Become a qualified family and divorce mediator with this 40 hour MCLE approved Family and Divorce Mediation course that meets the training requirements of the District Court Mediation Act.

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