Mediation Services and Training

Did you know that mediation services can save you time, money and needless heartache? Divorce mediation is the most popular, cost effective alternative to legal fees and attorneys when facing divorce, custody, or paternity conflict. Family mediation can strengthen relationships,  building greater harmony, cooperation, and team work. Reaching agreement in a peaceful way is possible. Through mediation Рyou can get the positive results you want and deserve! 

Take a look at our mediation services and training opportunities and let us know how we can be of service to you.

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Family Mediation

We help you deal with conflict in family areas such as couples, parents and children, siblings, blended family issues and more.

Divorce Mediation

Assists parties in making important divorce related decisions including division of assets and liabilities, spousal support, custody and parenting plans for minor children, child support, and more.

Post-Divorce Mediation

Helps parties resolve post-divorce disputes involving custody, parenting plans, child support, communication issues and more. Divorce modifications can be filed based on agreements made in mediation.

Mediation Training

Become a qualified family and divorce mediator with our Family and Divorce Mediation course that meets the training requirements of the District Court Mediation Act. 2017 courses are now open for registration.