Benefits of Online Mediation Training

While at home today you’ve probably already cleaned your house, fought with your family, and tried to find peace somewhere. However, in this current crisis, it can also be the perfect time to find a new opportunity. Well, now is your chance. Everything right now is so geared to online… this and that online. Court-approved Mediation training is one of those things you can do online.

mediation is happening online

Wouldn’t you love to have a job right now that works in an online format? Online mediation is a way to help families, divorcing couples, family disputes, and the list of possibilities go on and on. There is also civil and work place mediation.  Wouldn’t you love to help those facing conflict be able to find peace by helping people reach an agreement for the betterment of everyone right now! Mediation definitely would help them and help us. Mediation is such a wonderful way to bring peace to all the problems we face as a family, community, and nation.

invest in your future

Today there is a chance for you to add value to your current job or create a new job. You definitely can’t say “I don’t have the time”. Time is on your side. Let’s say during this crisis you want to communicate to your staff a plan to move forward. Mediation makes it possible to hear others and for you to be heard. Mediation is also a great career move for so many difficult conversations that will need to be made during this trying time. I know you would love to help people otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this.

mediation training is the start

Mediation training can make you an asset at your current job or allow you to start your own practice. Mediation training is happening online now, so sign up and get started moving forward.  Join the others who have made the choice to go for it. It Takes 24-40 hours to be on your way to a new start at whatever place you find yourself.  Mediation is a rewarding and great career. Schools, organizations, churches, and health-care professionals are truly in need of mediation to help now with ongoing disputes. Human resources could be improved greatly by having a mediation component. Real estate individuals are new to mediation in helping clients who are facing divorce with issues like who gets the house and so much more. Blue sky about your opportunity and how you want to change your future and help others with their future. The sky is the limit. You can go to Keiter Mediation for all your mediation training opportunities. We would love to help you move forward and find what’s missing in your current job or your new one. Come join us and have fun doing it.

how we can help with mediation training

Keiter Mediation provides online mediation training and courses are currently open for registration. Check out the mediation training page on our site and let us know if you have any questions. Today can be a new start for you and a better day for others!


In summary, online mediation is a great opportunity to take advantage of right now. COVID-19 has changed our lives but it’s not stopping the opportunities that are present today.

  • Online mediation can help people resolve their disputes in many areas
  • Online mediation can open up new career opportunities while increasing your earning potential
  • Online mediation training is happening now and you can take advantage of this opportunity.

Dr. Robert Keiter

Dr. Robert Keiter is an Oklahoma court-approved family and civil mediator. He is a member of the Academy of Professional Family Mediators (APFM), the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts (AFCC), and the Oklahoma Academy of Mediators and Arbitrators (OAMA). Dr. Keiter serves as Program Coordinator for the Oklahoma Special Education Resolution Center (SERC). Part of his role at SERC involves mediating special ed disputes between families and schools in Oklahoma.
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