Co-parenting in the Age of Covid-19

In the age of COVID-19, co-parenting is a challenge. However, today is a new day.

While we are trying to social distance, we still have to make choices of how to handle everyday life with our ex concerning our kids. Divorce is tough enough but now we have new obstacles making it harder than ever. Mediation is a great way to help you and your ex make transitions during this difficult time.

How Mediation Can Help

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Don’t Feel Alone

We can help with guidelines of time and places to meet or if necessary staying in place at who’s house. Let us help you with your tough decisions. Don’t try to fight it out because your children will be the ones who suffer from the fighting. Wouldn’t it be great to make peaceful choices with your ex? The kids are the ones who will benefit, not to mention your peace of mind.

Coming to an Agreement

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Sometimes things come up where you can’t come to an agreement, and all you do is run around in circles of arguments getting no-where. How about moving forward where both you and your ex feel good about your choices concerning your children? You don’t always see a light at the end of the tunnel with your ex, and maybe you believe being at peace with this person seems impossible. This is more common than you might think.

You may not have had mediation to help you when you were making choices and most of the time you just gave in and said “whatever” and then we’re truly pissed at your ex and yourself. You may have allowed your ex to dictate your choices, and the underlying pain of that proved to be more painful for you and your kids.

Mediation is a Proactive Step

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Choose to be proactive rather than passive. Trust me: it can be good for all of you. You and your ex can put all the issues on the table and work through them so that each of you can be heard and come to an agreement that works for you both. There are many times I’ve seen people who think there’s no way we will ever work it out. Then, wow, the impossible happens and they move forward to an agreement and or a place where they have guidelines to move forward without a fight.

You’re not the only one who has had a crappy relationship that seems to do nothing but fight and argue. It may not seem possible, but peace and a positive plan for moving forward can be found! Through discussing the issues important to you, and listening to each other in mediation, you can find a way forward that adequately addresses the needs of every member in your family.

How We Can Help With Co-Parenting

Keiter Mediation provides online mediation for those wanting to develop a positive plan for moving forward with their lives. The first step is to set up a consultation, which is now available online.


In summary, during these tough times, mediation can save your heart and possibly your relationship. Mediation will also provide tips and techniques for co-parenting when the odds are stacked against you.

  • Mediation can lessen the emotional impact of divorce or separation.
  • Mediation is often significantly cheaper than getting a lawyer involved.
  • Mediation is a pro-active step.

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Dr. Robert Keiter

Dr. Robert Keiter is an Oklahoma court-approved family and civil mediator. He is a member of the Academy of Professional Family Mediators (APFM), the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts (AFCC), and the Oklahoma Academy of Mediators and Arbitrators (OAMA). Dr. Keiter serves as Program Coordinator for the Oklahoma Special Education Resolution Center (SERC). Part of his role at SERC involves mediating special ed disputes between families and schools in Oklahoma.
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