Oklahoma couples mediation

Couples mediation is a flexible, short-term, results-oriented approach to helping couples get "unstuck" in their relationship. Offered by Keiter Mediation, couples mediation is not marital therapy or marriage counseling which often tends to to rehash and re-live negative emotional experiences.  Couples mediation focuses on the future instead of the past and results in a clear action plan for moving forward. After the mediation consultation, couples choose their own goals and time frame for mediation. Couples mediation currently takes place through online-video with Zoom. The online format allows all parties to meet together without having to be physically together. The only thing needed for online-video format is a computer/IPad/smart phone with microphone & camera, WIFI, and a space where you will be free from interruptions. The first step is to set up a mediation consultation.

In addition to mediating all issues that are important to each person and reaching agreements that work for both parties, pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements can be developed in mediation that provide a way forward for couples thinking about future issues.

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