Mediation Services and Training

Mediation services save time, money and heartache when facing divorce, custody, and other types of family conflict. At Keiter Mediation, we help family members discuss the issues important to them in a safe and structured setting. Families are able to reach the agreements they need while honoring and protecting the relationships they value. Divorce mediation services offer an affordable and peaceful way to divorce – without needing an attorney!  Keiter Mediation has convenient offices in Oklahoma City and Tulsa. Let us show you how our mediation services can benefit your family. 

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Family Mediation

We help you deal with conflict in family areas such as couples, parents and children, siblings, blended family, special education issues and more. Click above for more information about our family mediation services.

Divorce Mediation

We cover all of the critical aspects of your divorce with a proven process specifically designed to help you from start to finish. This includes preparing court documents for self filing. Click above for more information about our divorce mediation services.

Post-Divorce Mediation

We help you resolve post-divorce disputes involving custody, parenting plans, child support, communication issues and more. Divorce modifications can be filed based on agreements made in mediation. Click above for more information about our post-divorce mediation services.

Mediation Training

We train you to become a certified family and divorce mediator with our course that meets the training requirements of the Oklahoma District Court Mediation Act. Click above for more information about Family and Divorce Mediation Training including upcoming course dates.

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