Custody Mediation is a Collaborative Approach to Child Custody

Custody mediation offers a non-adversarial route for parents to make crucial decisions together regarding custody, visitation, and child support, saving time and money while focusing on the best interests of the children. When agreements are reached through mediation, everyone benefits, fostering a cooperative environment for future parenting.

What Custody Mediation Provides

Tailored Mediation Sessions

Customized sessions that address the unique needs and concerns of your family, ensuring that both parents have the opportunity to express their views and work towards mutually beneficial custody arrangements.

Neutral Guidance

A neutral mediator facilitates the discussions, helping to keep the conversations productive and focused on the best interests of the children, ensuring that all parties are heard and understood.

Conflict Resolution Strategies

Expertise in managing and resolving conflicts that may arise during the mediation process, employing strategies that encourage cooperation and compromise.

Comprehensive Parenting Plans

Assistance in developing detailed parenting plans that cover custody, visitation schedules, holidays, and other important aspects of co-parenting, tailored to the children’s needs and the family’s unique circumstances.

Financial Agreements

Guidance in discussing and reaching agreements on child support and other financial responsibilities, ensuring that the children’s financial needs are met.

Future-Focused Solutions

A focus on creating long-term solutions that support the well-being of the children and the ongoing relationship between co-parents, facilitating a positive environment for the children’s growth and development.

Frequently Asked Questions About Custody Mediation

Here are some common questions. If you have your own question, please send us an email.

Custody mediation is a process designed for parents to collaboratively determine the arrangements for their children’s living situations, visitation schedules, and financial support. Unlike traditional court proceedings, custody mediation puts the decision-making power directly in the hands of the parents, with the guidance of a neutral mediator. This approach encourages parents to work out terms that are in the best interest of their children, promoting a cooperative parenting relationship.

While mediators do not provide legal advice, parties are encouraged to consult with an attorney regarding their legal rights. However, obtaining a custody agreement through mediation does not require an attorney, which can significantly reduce the costs associated with establishing custody arrangements.

Once agreements are reached, we assist in finalizing the process by preparing court documents and providing guidance for self-filing. Once approved by the court, the agreements made in mediation become binding, and the custody arrangements are officially established.

Custody mediation typically requires several sessions, depending on the complexity of the issues and the parties’ willingness to negotiate. Currently, custody mediation sessions are conducted through online video conferencing platforms like Zoom, offering flexibility and convenience for all parties involved.

Traditional legal routes can be costly, with attorneys often charging significant retainers to begin custody proceedings. Our custody mediation services are offered at a flat rate of $2,000. This includes two 2-hour mediation sessions, drafting of the Memorandum of Understanding for review and signature, and preparation of all necessary court documents for obtaining a court order. Additional sessions, if needed, are available at $250 per hour, with each session lasting 2 hours.

The cost of custody mediation is typically shared between the parents, but the arrangement can be tailored to fit the specific needs and agreements of the parties involved.

It’s common for parents to face communication challenges, especially when navigating custody arrangements. Our mediation process includes strategies to assist those who may find direct communication difficult, offering both joint and separate sessions as needed to facilitate a constructive dialogue.

  • We facilitate a cooperative approach to reaching custody agreements.
  • Our process is designed to be straightforward, saving you time and money.
  • We focus on the future, helping you establish a foundation for effective co-parenting.
  • Our comprehensive service supports you from start to finish.

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